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Our Training Services


Here at Wild Child, we pride ourselves for not being your typical dog training company. We are a home based and family owned company, meaning your pup(s) will be integrated into our lives as one of ours. They will be taught house manners in our home and travel with us on field trips or to the occasional vacation spot. 

We develop a relationship with your dog first based off of trust, guidance, and understanding and then go into more of your obedience training. We find it imperative that we focus on your pet’s overall wellbeing and create a happy and calm attitude while performing different tasks, creating a happy dog that is not forced into obedience.

During your dog’s stay we teach them how to play and engage with you that creates motivation to be with you and comply despite distractions. As well, we will cover relaxation techniques to balance out the crazy energy and create a calm dog in and out of the home.

Your pup will be worked throughout the day and challenged in a positive manner that encourages growth. We create an enviorment that is full of compassion, consistency, and care. While your pup is away, you will see updates posted on our social media stories, be invited out to do private lessons with us during your dog’s stay, and you will have homework to complete before your friend comes home. This will ensure that you have a basic understanding of what and how dogs learn and why it’s important, because dog training isn’t just for the dog, it’s for us too.

Upon completion of your dog’s time with us we will bring them back to you and teach you how to maintain what they have learned during their time with us. From there we will help you and your best friend grow together through follow-up lessons, ensuring your family’s success.

We stand behind our training and provide lifetime support for any of those who have gone through training with us.

Because let’s face it, life is better with a dog. 

For more information about our training services below please fill out our get in touch form below and tell us about your pup and what your goals you would like to achieve through training.

Day Training

Our day training service is for our current or prior clients only.

Day training is a good way to get your pup out of the house and freshen up those obedience and manners in a new location. We know life can get busy and sometimes we let our dog’s training slide. This service is designed to maintain what your dog has learned from previous training while you carry on your adult duties.

Your pup will be included in our board and train trainee’s schedule, meaning they will particpate in field trip outings and group play. Working on their manners when greeting others and their off leash obedience.  Ending the day with relaxation time. Thus allowing us to bring you back a tired and happy dog at the end of the day

This service includes pick up between 8 am and 9:30 and drop off between 3:30 pm and 5 pm.

Please email or text us for available dates.

Day Training is $60.00 a day

Board & Train

33 Days

Our 33 day board and train program is a service that has been sought out across the country to resolve behavior problems such as fearfulness, anxiety, and aggression as well as teaching good manners and on and off leash obedience in your home and out in a public setting. Traveling the world working with challenging dogs for rescues and family’s alike, our trainers’ experiences and understanding of canine behavior is unmatched.

During your dog’s stay with us they will receive extensive training through play, relaxation, and structured routines. We start training in our home and as your dog progresses, we will take field trips to dog friendly stores, parks, and restaurants slowly challenging your dog with increased distractions. Proofing what they have learned and generalizing their behavior in different locations with different levels of stimulations. Your dog will learn manners such as no jumping, door dashing, or constant barking. As well they will learn loose leash walking, off leash recall, to drop it on command, sit stay, down stay, place, and more. We break everything down so your dog, whether here for obedience or behavior modification, understands the task completely and excels with a positive mindset. We teach your dog how to succeed, a huge win for our fearful and aggressive dogs.

 When your dog’s training comes to a point of completion, we will invite you out to our home to spend time with us through private lessons on how to maintain what your dog has learned and how to build a lasting relationship. During these lessons we openly share our knowledge of canine behavior, management, and care so you can move forward with confidence in handling and meeting your dog’s needs no matter where you go. Upon completion of our lessons together at our place, we will schedule a time for us to bring your dog to your home and proceed with our take home lessons to ensure a smooth transition from our home to yours. Our board and train service comes with lifetime support, so any questions you may have we’re always a phone call away.

This program is for dogs who struggle with:

– Walking calmly on a leash

– Aggression towards humans and/or dogs

– Coming when called

– Fearfulness

– Anxiety

– Bolting out the door or car

– Excessive whining or barking

– Jumping

– Excitement in new locations

– Resource guarding

This program includes:

– On and off leash obedience (loose leash walking, recall, sit stay, down stay, place, etc.)

– Behavior modification training for fearful dogs and aggressive dogs

– Access to our private Facebook group that has our instructional videos

– Drop off upon completion of training

– Lifetime Support via phone or email

– 4 follow-up lessons

– Treat pouch

– Biothane leash

– Dogtra ecollar

– Herm Sprenger prong collar

– PDF cheat sheet for training

– Lifetime access to our monthly group class

– Ability to private board with us to receive refresher training while you’re away

– Access to our day training service


Stay and Play


Stay and play is open to all current or past clients.

We understand leaving your pup behind with someone is nerve racking and can be an overall stressful event, not to mention they won’t keep up any of the training you have accomplished so far.

That’s why we wanted to open our doors to those pups who have trained with us to come stay with us, so we can offer a familiar place, people, and consistency to maintain their training.

During your dog’s stay with us, we will have he or she engage in play groups or join us in individual play. If you choose, we can also take the time to freshen up your pup’s obedience and put them in our training schedule.

We only have limited slots for stay and play, so please book your boarding plans ahead of time to avoid any schedule conflict.

Stay and play daily rate is $25.00




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