Private Sessions

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Private Sessions

Private sessioins are a great way to clear up common problems you may be having with your pup, such as leash pulling, jumping, door dashing, or not holding a stay. You will work exclusively with our trainer at the comfort of your home or our location for 2 hours.

This style of training focuses on teaching you how to read your dog’s body behavior and to effectively apply different methods to keep your dog engaged with you. We won’t just teach you how to do obedience commands to mask those unwanted behaviors, but actually teach you how to get to the bottom of those unwanted behaviors through clear communication that your dog will understand, creating a calmer dog. We will use a mixture of different training techniques and learning theories to help you and your pet reach the desired goal. Bringing peace and balance back to yourself, dog, and home.

We highly recommend private sessions for those who are experiencing minor behavior problems or want to enhance their relationship with their canine friend.

You will recieve all training gear for this program and access to our monthly group class.

Private Session at Your Location: $240.00

What is included: 2 hours working one on one with our trainer, training equipment, and access to our group class.

Follow-up sessions: $100.00 per hour at your location


Day Camp

Day camp is a great way to socialize and work on your dog or puppy’s pesky behavior while you’re away. Your dog will be exposed to different environments and scenarios throughout the day, focusing on the behaviors that your dog needs help with the most.

With only accepting 1 day camper a day, your dog will receive plenty of one on one time with our trainer and will burn excess energy during play groups or on one of our many hikes. 

Day camp focuses on teaching your pup the foundation of basic obedience commands and manners outside of their home. Exposing them to a new enviorment with different smells and distractions is the ultimate experience for your dog. Creating a calm puppy at the end of the day that is a pleasure to be around.

Day Camp is available Tuesday and Wednesday. Please message us for a client intake form as our slots fill rather quickly. 

Drop off starts at 7:30 am – 9:00 am and pick starts at 4:00 – 5:30pm

Cost for One Day: $60.00 

 Four day package: $220.00

There is an additional charge if you would like us to pick up and/or drop off your dog.


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