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Coastal Carolina Schutzhund Club

IGP is a 3 phase sport that consists of tracking, obedience, and protection. There are three levels to this sport (IGP1, IGP2, and IGP3).

We train twice a week as a club towards our respected title on Wednesday evenings starting at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings starting at 9:00am.

Location temporarily at 491 Smith Rd, Maysville

Please come through the red gate and park on the gravel in front of metal building.

The club is an USCA affilated club.

Cost to join $250

Please email us for more information or to speak to the president, Patti Baysden.


Agility is a fast, fun sport that encourages a happy relationship with your dog.

Some of the benefits you and your dog may receive: improvement of handling, your dog listening to you more, mentally and physically content after class, and boost of confidence.

Our agility class is the first step towards success in the agility world.

We will cover leash handling, body positioning, obedience, contact zones, and of course proper usage of equipment.

Intro to Agility Class: open to all ages and different levels of training

Start date January 9th at 1:30pm

Duration: 4 week course meeting for 1 hour

Intermediate Agility Class: must complete intro agility class or have experience in the sport. Dogs must be 10 months old or older.

Start date: January 9th at 2:30pm

Duration: 4 week course meeting for 1 hour

Cost to join: $150.00

Intro Scent Work

Scent Work is an upcoming sport that teaches your dog to identify specific odors and alert to their presence.

In this class your dog will be introduced to an odor, taught how to sniff the odor out amongst other smells, and will teach you how to read your dog’s body language when they alert to the target odor.

Scent work is a great way to build confidence and focus in dogs as they work on their own to identify specific smells.

Samantha Strong, an Onslow County native and dog enthusiast, will be the instructor to this class. Experience in teaching and helping military working dogs and police k9s, Samantha has cultivated the skills she has learned over the years to help pet owners be successful in canine sports.

Start date: January 9th at 4pm

Duration: 4 Weeks meeting for 1 hour

Cost: $150.00

belgian malinois working dog

AKC Star Puppy Class

AKC STAR Puppy Class is a great way to start introducing your puppy to obedience commands and proper socialization. Getting a head start on setting your new furry friend up for success

This class will teach you how to maintain your puppy’s health, give you a schedule for adequate play/exercise, and will teach you how to keep your puppy safe.

This class will also expose your puppy to new environments and promote safe socialization. Deterring any aggression or handling problems your pup may experience.

We will cover introduction to obedience commands such as sit, down, and come and are offering the option to title your pup through AKC.

To attend your puppy must be between the ages of 16 weeks old – 8 months and have received at least three rounds of puppy shots.

Class starts January 9th at 12pm

This is a 6 week course meeting for 1 hour

Cost: $250

AKC Canina Good Citizen Class

Our AKC Canine Good Citizen class will teach you and your dog the skill set to be a well behaved member in society.

Focusing on basic obedience commands and handling techniques, we will cover proper ownership and how to set your dog up for success. You will train in a group like setting and recieve weekly homework to practice at home. The last class day we will test you for certification.

Start date: January 9th at 10:30am

Duration: 6 Weeks meeting for 1 hour

Cost: $250.00

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