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Board and Trains

We do things very differently at Wild Child.  We don’t rush your dog’s progress.  We limit how many families we help at any given time so your dog gets lots of attention, play, exercise, and training time.  In fact, play and learning to relax are a big part of what we teach dogs to do!  

Building Trust First


We maximize your dog’s learning experience by building a fun and loving environment that promotes trust and motivation to work.

We utilize play techniques to encourage your dog to interact with us and show us what they like, so we can guide them through different stressors.

Teaching and Guidance


Once your dog has showed us what he or she likes, we start using their style of play to teach and guide your dog through obedience commands and bad behaviors they have demonstrated.

With trust being established and a repertoire of a fun learning environment, dogs quickly put together the pieces to create lasting results.



With improvements of behavior and the proper outlet put in place, we then start helping your dog emotionally relax without the use of obedience commands.

We utilize different calming techniques to encourage your dog to hang out and make right decisions when not in a structured environment.

Teaching You, The Owner


During your dog’s stay we encourage owners to come out once a week for private one on one classes, so you too can learn with your dog.

Dog training is a team effort and we want you included on the education process. We will cover with you the ins and outs of canine body language and how to set your dog up for success. Creating a lasting and fulfilling relationship with your canine friend.


How to decide which program is best for your family:


The biggest difference between the programs is how much time your dog spends 1-on-1 with us, and how much long term support you get from us to help you maintain your dog’s training.

The longer your dog is with us, the farther along they are when they come home and we start training you.  And the more long term support you have from us, the more peace of mind you have in case anything ever comes up in the future or you need some polishing up.

Choose the program based on what you prefer or set up a consult with us, so we can speak in detail. Giving you training advice and tips to start right away at home. 

Stay & Train

 Your dog’s favorite version of boarding.

Going on vacation? Work calling you away?
Or maybe family is visiting and you won’t have time for Fido. Whatever your reason may be, we are here for your doggy needs.

Structured boarding for your canine friend.
Where we mix education in with play.

During your dog’s stay with us we will teach manners, reinforce good behaviors, and will work on proper social skills.

Why Stay and Train over regular boarding?

Our Stay and Train program is for those who want a little more one on one care for their pup. With our extensive background in the training and behavior world, we wanted to provide an opportunity for all dogs to be the best version of their self that they can possibly be. Providing a safe location filled with daily activities, giving your dog an unique opportunity to learn, be happy, and feel loved.

Price: $75 a day OR $495 weekly (7 days)

Training equipment is sold separately.

Included Items


Multiple walks a day


1 on 1 play sessions


Doggy socials for the friendly pups


Daily enrichment activities


Teachings and reinfrocement of good behaviors


Complimentary training manual


Video library to help you implement and maintain your dog’s training


Communication system for you and your dog that is easy for you to follow at home

Puppy Jumpstart

Just get a new puppy?

Or is your puppy hitting the adolescent stage and getting into everything, leaving a trail of puppy teeth marks and potty stains behind?

Or maybe crate training is not your strong suit.

Puppies are supposed to be fun, not stress!

Our Puppy Jumpstart program will help you find the fun in owning a puppy again.

All of our programs focus on your dog’s needs and teaching you, the owner, how to connect with your dog. Creating a lasting bond that doesn’t rely on bribery or corrections. So many puppies and adult dogs alike, are taught obedience commands from the get go, but are never taught how to handle their emotions. Creating chaos, reactivity, and fear as our puppies mature and experience life. It is beyond important to us to teach puppies how to grow through their emotions and guide them so they learn to be flexible, even in challenging environments.

With that in mind, we curtail our programs around your puppies’ learning ability and your goals. This allows us to find a common ground between owner and puppy that is filled with love and trust. Teaching owners about their dog and how to speak their language. Creating a lasting relationship where your puppy wants to work with you.

Price: $2500


Included Items


2 Week Stay in Our Trainer's Home


1 take home lesson


Unlimited follow-up lessons for the next two months


2 months of ongoing support via phone, text and email


Access to monthly refresher classes


Video library to help you implement and maintain your dog’s training


Behaviors: no more jumping or nipping, waiting at doors, play, eye contact, leash manners, appropriate social skills, and crate training


Payment Plans Available or 10% discount applied if paid in full

Results Based B&T

Your dog is constantly distracted in new locations and you can forget about taking your dog off leash.

Or maybe you have a dog that has closed your world in due to their fear, anxiety, or aggression.

Our Results Based board and train program was made for you and your companion.

Being highly sought out for our approach in handling difficult dogs and getting dogs to listen reliably off leash. We are well known for helping families who have dogs whom exhibit fearfulness, aggression, and anxiety. Showing both dog and owner how to work with each other and become a team. Where there was once chaos, they can find peace and confidence to handle different situations thrown their way.

It is our duty as your trainer to give you honest assessments before, during, and after your dog’s stay. Giving your realistic expectations that you and your dog can achieve together…it does take two to tango…

Much like our Puppy Jumpstart program, our goal-oriented training style keeps your dog at the heart and center of our training. Providing the ultimate learning experience by keeping motivation and health high on our priority list. Teaching at a rate that your dog understands and thoroughly enjoys.

Using play and relaxation techniques, we are able bring the best out of your dog with lasting results that are easy to carry over back into your home.

During your dog’s stay we’ll teach you everything you need to know in the form of private lessons and practice with you as much as you’d like since this program includes unlimited private lessons AND lifetime support during and after training.

Giving you that dream dog that you always wanted and teaching you not only how to train your dog, but how to be a better teammate.

Opening both of your worlds to endless possibilities.

Price: $4795


Included Items


4 week+ stay for your dog with your trainer


Private lessons with you throughout that stay (so you can visit your dog and learn as they learn)


UNLIMITED follow up private lesson you can use later for polishing your skills


LIFETIME ongoing support via phone, text, email and IN PERSON


Access to monthly refresher class


Video library and an e-book to help you implement and maintain your dog’s training


Field Trips to dog friendly locations


Behavior modification for fear, aggression, and anxiety


Behaviors: no more jumping, nipping, or pulling on the leash. Social skills with dogs and people, crate training, and overall good manners in and out of the home.


Commands: sit, down, come, heel, stay, drop it, and place (stay on a bed) on AND off leash


Payment Plans Available or 10% discount if paid in full

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